Arable farming

Meeuwes arable farming

The crops on land:

  • Potatoes (frying and/or seed potatoes)
  • Cereals (wheat and/or barley)
  • Sugar-beets
  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Grass seed

Naturally, our company meets all the required standards, such as among others the obligatory crop registration and/or the certified food safety standards and Global-Gap. All production protocols are registered, from seeding until harvesting. This guarantees the aforementioned certification and allows our company to keep on supplying the produced products. In summary, the certification is a guarantee for the customer and a quality assurance for the producer, in other words ‘a license to produce’.

In our company we use machines installed with a GPS system or alternatively we use computer operated machines. Where required the machines have been inspected by the SKL and/or DSM. At the same time, the environment is high on our agenda. We take great care and pride in maximizing the beauty of the natural surroundings every summer and winter. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful Groningen scenery with all her fields and crops in bloom.

The amount of hectares per crop may differ. Among other factors it depends on the year and the plot size. For potatoes and sugar-beets we use a ‘1 on 4 rotation plan’ which means that once every 4 years we will grow potatoes or sugar-beets on that particular plot.

For carrots and onions we use at least a ‘1 on 6’ rotation, and if possible a ‘1 on 7’ rotation plan. To be able to reach a high standard of quality we use up to date and modern machinery. Our company keeps on investing in people and material. In other words: Your food is our concern.


The weather
An old Dutch proverb says ‘The weather is our employer.’ In reality this tends to be true to a high degree. As an agricultural enterprise our company is dependant on the weather, for instance when it comes to planning our activities. It may for example happen that due to rain we proceed with office related tasks and barn works, while turning our attention to outside activities that are delayed by the rain, in the afternoon or during the night. By employing the latest techniques we try to postpone our original planned schedule as little as possible. During work, weather forecasting services such as the KNMI, Meteoconsult and the local weather forecasts are checked on a regular basis, sometimes several times an hour, and at least several times a day. From our tractors the online weather predictions can be consulted.

As closing words we would like to say: ‘No farmers, no food’.
Agriculture: for landscape, energy and food.